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Welcome to vBActivity!

Here are the basics on what "Activity" means to you, our members and what we will be doing with it to make things just a little more fun on the forum.

Activity is a points and award system. Many of you may have already noticed the postbit (the block when you post to threads where your username and avatar is) has some additional stuff there like:
Post Thanks / Like
My Feedback
vBActivity - Stats
vBActivity - Bars
...and you may have even seen some images like crowns, fish and so on there. These are all a part of Activity. Activity calculates certain things that you do around the site and gives point values to them. For example: 5 points for each image you upload to your photo album, 5 points to create a Review, 2 points to comment on Reviews, 10 points when someone registers and drops your screenname as their "referrer", points for thanking and liking at the bottom of posts, creating threads and posting anywhere at all. Plus SO MUCH MORE!

And when I say more I REALLY mean MORE!!! These points are important! Why? It's just images and points, so what- you say? Well, we will be running contests with them!!! Some will be FLASH contests. No warning and only count for hours, days or a week (that's up to us). Other contests will be promotional, and others will be monthly or BIG yearly awards.

ALL contest winners will be awarded REAL PRIZES!

Is there a point to this MADNESS you ask? Um YEAH!!! This is a FORUM, Forums are about content. Didn't you come here for information, help with an issue, want to learn new things or share what you know or share your pride and joy with others? We ALL have something to give. We all do.... So SHARE what you know and while you're at it you can win not only the admiration of your peers and friends but you can win prizes too. And for the competitive members (you know who you are) it can be fun taking away someone else's crown LOL!

Now that Pat and I got your attention, you probably want to know what gives the most points?

Go to your profile page. Click on the Activity Tab. To the left you will see what is calculated into points and how many for each criteria - this will also show your real-time total points. On the right is where achievements and awards will show as you collect them. Some things that you may not know is that there is a place to INVITE friends to the forum (big points here). That is located in your User CP (where you check your PMs). Your User CP can be accessed by either clicking on the Notifications button at the very top of the page or from the home page Site Links. Scroll down the left column of the page and you will see Invites as well as many other options for your use. If you don't know how to do something or have questions you can do so by going to the Contests forum and clicking on the Activity thread. Post your questions there.

By now you have noticed the menu boxes to your left. You can use the side menus to navigate through the various features available. Through time we will be adding more achievements and awards so check back here from time to time. So spend a moment and check the links to see how this works. Enjoy!